Smart Card meets Chess

SmartChess is a technology study with the goal to implement a complete chess program on a smart card. The project starts in 2000 by me, but failed up to now because of the weak ressources of the chips. In the meantime smart cards with sufficient capacities are available and I found a free chess source with small requirements for the hardware, that was suited for the portation to a smart card.

Smart cards are little computers, that are embedded into plastic cards with the format of a credit card. From the technical point of view a smart card has a CPU (8 Bit), ROM with an operating system some RAM to run applications and EEPROM (non-volatile memory) to store data. To run the chips in the cards, a card reader is needed that represents the interface to the user. Mesages, in- and output must be done with this reader. Todays smart cards have a capacity of about von 64KB ROM, 2KB RAM and 32 KB EEPROM.

The project SmartChess is alive, so please come back often...

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