The project

Smart Card meets Chess

The SmartChess program was developed on the basis of MINIMAX. This is a free chess source in C and Basic and was written by Christian (Chrilly) Donninger. He declaired MINIMAX as didactic chess progarm, is was not optimized for performance and best play. Chrilly Donninger is one of the famoust chess program developers and has developed the strongest chess computer in the world at the moment (Hydra). As godfather of SmartChess he is now representative of the biggest and the smallest chess computer in the world. Perhaps Hydra and SmartChess can play a match sometime...

Some further developments of MINIMAX are available, among others for Delphi and a TI-Computer. The relevant sources can be found in the download area.

The provided prototype of SmartChess was developed on a BasicCard from Zeitcontrol, because the language is very compatible with the MINIMAX sources. I had to reduce the useage of memory a lot and therefore the playing strength is limited, here is a big potential for improvements.

All interested chess programmers are invited to make SmartChess better.

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